Company Culture

Our employees take great pride in the culture they’ve helped to create, which exemplifies our core values built on trust, safety and respect. Our people know that great care and a positive attitude mean healthy patients and a happy work environment. From the friendly greetings heard in our hallways to the engaging smiles that create a sense of warmth and familiarity, UM BWMC is an enjoyable, welcoming place to work. Camaraderie and mutual admiration among all levels of our staff is found throughout the medical center.

UM BWMC is geared to professionals who are serious about learning and progressing in an encouraging setting where teamwork is a way of life. With the right combination of compassion and the possibilities for professional growth, UM BWMC attracts and retains a highly-skilled, diverse workforce.

Standards of Excellence

Our standards are the foundation for the culture and work environment at UM BWMC and we are committed to living by them every day.

  • Attitude: Our patients and their families are our top priority and we treat them with care, courtesy and respect
  • Appearance: We dress professionally, wear identification at all times and keep our areas and the hospital clean
  • Accountability: We accept responsibility for our actions, don’t blame others, take ownership and make things right
  • Communication: We communicate using professional, clear, concise and timely measures
  • Courtesy: We smile and acknowledge all our patients and visitors, going the extra mile to ensure their visit with us is superior and we keep noise to a minimum
  • Privacy: We maintain the strictest standards of confidentiality with privacy and dignity, and share information on a need to know basis only
  • Safety: We provide a safe environment and promptly report any safety concerns
  • Teamwork: We work together, praising, recognizing and trusting one another, offering help and asking for help when needed